While there is a shift to LED technology, traditional lamps sources still play an important part in lighting design. We are pleased to offer a varied selection of fixture types, recessed, surface mounted, suspended and profiles that meet all requirements. Our product is drawn from several leading manufacturers that we believe offers good value. We have a broad selection that will suit most budgets. We supply Osram or Philips lamps and gear with our fittings.

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Molto Luce – a business whose passion has been pertained to light since its foundation in 1981, whose challenge holds the balance between light and dark, whose claims have been focussing on the conjunction of functionality and design from the beginning. A business that creates illuminating trends and forms them with its concepts, products and services.



omirkon_logoOmikron Design has as a main objective to produce objects that enhance, the illuminated spaces, through light and outstanding design. The method is to combine the performance of lighting technology to a sober and exclusive design.


forma_logoLighting Product Engineering is a Vision of pioneering that Forma always strives to achieve.
The future of Lighting is never far away and Forma aims to be at the centre point of the highest quality and design. Not only by the use of the most advanced materials and technologies but also by maintaining its standards and streamlining it’s product ranges as time goes on

lumino_solid_logoUltra-sharp plasterboard edge lighting system used to create interior slots or apertures in plasterboard walls or ceilings. Allows spotlighting or linear lighting accessories to be attached providing a concealed minimal lighting solution. SolidEdge has a sharp 30 degree edging angle making it invisible from most viewing angles and giving ceiling and wall edges a paper-thin appearance.

lumino_steorra_logoOur ultra-minimal downlighting system designed to take LED engines, GU10 or GX5.3 lamps with zero trim or 8.0mm trim housings in round, square or oval variants. Interchangeable light inserts just 66.0mm diameter available in fixed downlight, semi-directional or fixed IP64 versions.