Decorative lighting is very subjective and with this in mind we have a selected an exclusive range of contemporary manufacturers to work with. Each manufacturer offers its own unique style and we are sure you will find a fitting that will suit your project. The product speaks for itself so we invite you to download the catalogues and browse at your convenience. Click on a company Logo to view the product catalogue, please note these files can be up to 100Mb in size.   DARK kleur Dark have accumulated 63 International design awards and recognise the impact that their fixtures can have on “pimping” the complete atmosphere of a lit environment, DARK is their attitude. DARK steps outside of the box and helps brings your creative ideas into reality. As many would agree, lighting is not appealing when it is not turned on, DARK focuses on fabrics, shapes and sizes of their design, to ensure your environment is always as attractive as it should be. After all, everyone loves the DARK<<<

      belux_logoLights are the most demanding of fittings. Although an important element in any architecture as well as objects of interior design itself, lights are also subjected to great demands on their physical appearance and atmospheric lighting effect. To this end, Belux places just as much importance on the formal appearance of its lights as on the lighting quality and the atmospheric effect and knows how best to use light as a basic element of interior design.

      panzeri_logoQuality at 360 degrees has always been of primary importance in the Panzeri philosophy. This objective has been pusued through constant innovation in materials, the use of advanced technology and carefull attention to design. In this context, key importance has been given to the concept of sustainability.


      blux_logoSince it began, the B.LUX Group has been characterised by its collaboration with the most prestigious and relevant designers in Spain, such as Jorge Pensi who created the famous REGINA and OLYMPIA lighting collections for B.LUX. Some of these collections made it possible to launch the B.LUX GROUP in both European and global markets, associating the image of B.LUX with aluminium. The B.LUX GROUP is currently identified as a company that has created its own style, concerned for issues such as humanism, ecology and environmental sustainability.