We have an extensive range of LED product that suits all environments for interior and exterior application. The key factor of all the LED products that we offer is the quality of the light produced. We work in partnership with a select number of manufacturers and we have also have our own Solus Solutions branded range. We understand the need to provide consistent colour temperatures when using LED and will ensure that when we suggest product from several manufactures on the same project we will have accessed the compatibility of the colour temperatures.

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ego_led_logoThe catalogue EGOLED 2012 completes both in the indoor and outdoor section. EgoLed products develop all the potential of LED low maintenance, good colour rendering, reduced heating and low environmental impact. Global warming and the urgent need to drastically cut energy consumption and CO2 emissions are now worldwide recognized problems. In this era of awareness everyone has a role to play, no matter how small or big.


EcoSense Lighting provides best-in-class solid-state lighting solutions for use in commercial, Leisure, retail and residential applications designed to replace conventional light sources in existing and new build projects, EcoSense products eliminate many of the challenges of traditional lighting such as excessive heat, UV emissions, and insufficient lamp life to offer substantial energy and monetary savings to pay for themselves in the first few years of installation.


Every Vector product is built using White Spectrum technology with ultra-fine LED bining chosen to precise specifications from 2600K to 6500K. White Spectrum technology also gives our 2600K products a HIGH CRI rating of up to 91Ra while OptiLUX performance provides outstanding light output ratios and diffused reflectance. CoolTherm alloy profiles ensure cooler running of our patented LEDs to extract maximum efficiency.


photorec_logoOPTILED has been founded for more than a decade and has become the leading global provider of LED lighting products for an entire range of functional lighting applications. Seeking to develop green lighting solutions that reduce operating costs, improve productivity and alleviate the world’s most pressing environmental challenges, OPTILED is leading the way into a new era of environmentally and human friendly LED lighting.


formaled_logoThe future of Lighting is never far away and Forma aims to be at the centre point of the highest quality and design. Not only by the use of the most advanced materials and technologies but also by maintaining its standards and streamlining its product ranges as time goes on.