A-listed Anchor Line building has been resurrected to create the wonderful American style, Anchor Line Bar & Grill.


The Anchor Line building, in the heart of Glasgow Scotland was once the First Class booking office for Anchor Line cruise ships. Anchor Line ran a regular travel service across the pond from Glasgow to New York City in the late 1800s. The Anchor Line Ltd provided Glasgow with huge employment opportunities, with each ship requiring dockers, loading and discharging, also each ship carrying between four and five hundred crew. Most of these positions were taken advantage of by those belonging to or residing around Clydeside. Written within the company history, it was said that the welfare of thousands of people depended on these ships.

In 1906 Anchor Line main office building was designed by James Miller. Miller designed several of the rooms with an opulence of an ocean linear. The Anchor Line as we now know it, is themed to celebrate the grand ocean voyages of the 1920s and 30s from Glasgow to New York. The Anchor Line is set in the stunning and completely restored grade A1 listed first class booking offices at 12–16 St Vincent Place. Working with CM Design Consultants, Solus Lighting were responsible for designing the lighting concept within the constraints of a Grade A listed building. To provide general lighting we opted for our Vector V10 EQ LED strip mounted on top of the original wood panelling. The Vector V10 highlights the beautiful freeze and ornate ceilings without infringing on the integrity of the original design. The existing pendant fixture locations were replaced by a simple but yet effective style that matches the stunning new interior.


canmore_image_sc_07_701136THE ANCHOR LINE BAR & GRILL
















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